Monday, February 6, 2012

NY Senator Jack Martins is the "Sad" One

In the February 3, 2012 Long Island Herald there was story covering the demonstration in Floral Park to prevent a casino from being built at Belmont Park. (,38675)

In that article Senator Martins said he questions the motivation behind the protest, which, he added, isn't based on truths. "This rally is quite sad and I feel sorry for those who are dragged out of their homes for an issue that has been settled by Gov. Cuomo's announcement," he said, referring to Cuomo's plans for a convention center at the Aqueduct, and its likely negative effect on the approval of a casino development at Belmont.

You know what is truly sad? What is truly sad is when a politician like Senator Martins comes to a community like Floral Park that would be adversely affected by a casino and says " I could not care less if there was or was not a casino at Belmont Park." Seriously Senator Martins you could not care less if crime increased in Floral Park? You could not care less if our property values declined, our taxes went up and our local businesses lost millions in revenue? I would think that knowing Floral Park is the reason you are in office that you would care more!

But as you said you could not care less and therefore Senator Jack Martins I could not care less about your future as a politician.

Mr. Jack Martins are you aware that there are casino-like venues in 75% of New York horse racing facilities?

Mr. Jack Martins are you are aware that Governor Cuomo wants to legalize gambling in New York State ?

Mr. Jack Martins are you aware that in Atlantic City , Ledyard Connecticut and Las Vegas there are multiple destination casinos within mere miles of one another if not right next door to one another?

Mr. Jack Martins if you want to know I what I find sad it is when a community comes out in a responsible and respectful fashion and the person that was elected to represent them and with advance notice that his constituents will be gathering there, dashes between parked cars and scurries into the building without even addressing the constituents that the elected official is hired to represent.

That is correct Mr. Martins you were hired to represent us, but your comments show your disdain for a community that was instrumental to your election.

And now I understand why certain individuals get involved in politics. So here is what I know. I know the number is 2,700 and I know the timeframe begins in July and I know based on our community grassroots initiative that 20% is already a fait accompli.

I also know that the role of a spoiler is not to win, but to prevent the opponent from moving to the next round.

Stop the Belmont Casino organizer